What is Navara

  • Navara is the name of the spiritual path which is taught in the Navara School. It is the most simple, efficient and natural way to experience directly the holy spiritual worlds, to see God and to unite with Him. Definitely, Navara teaches the most elevated and complete spiritual path revealed by God and known by humans until now on this planet. This will become abvious for the student after studying it enough, with initiation.
  • Navara is taught to any person who is sincerely searching to attain Enlightenment and Liberation.
  • Navara is not a religion but something infinitely more: the natural direct way to see God and unite with Him during this very lifetime and after this life.
  • Being so simple, natural and deeply spiritualized, Navara is free from religious dogmatism, intolerance or fanaticism. Instead it is profoundly full of compassion, love and harmony.
  • The Navara School was founded by Guru Navara after his Divine Enlightenment in 1991, when, during a mystical meditation, his spiritual consciousness departed from the physical body (that remained a lifeless corpse), then has passed through all the holy heavens untill he arrived beyond the created world where he finally met God and united with Him, in the Uncreated Clear Light of God, while his physical body was in a self-induced state of clinical death, in a breathless and pulseless state for many hours.
  • That is the state where the consciousness reaches Enlightenment and Liberation, the Salvation.
  • He was granted not only the divine gift to see God and to speak directly with God, but much more than that, he received the Divine Gift to unite with God. Becoming one with God means the Divine Realization.
  • Then came the most important thing for us: He was asked by God to come back on Earth to teach people how to live the Divine Life in God and to teach them the correct and pure Path in order to experience the direct spiritual Union with God, the Heavenly Father, in His Uncreated Light, union which happens beyond the created world.
  • For this, God asked Guru Navara to teach not a human path like many others on the Earth, but the very Divine Eternal Path, which is the Divine Archetype for any spiritual paths or religions, the archetype that inspired all existing spiritual paths and religions (which are only imperfect copies of it). This Perfect Path is infinitely more pure, simple, natural essentialised and efficient.
  • This most sacred Path is eternally named Navara in the Heavens, being the most revered by the Angels and Saints who live in the highest Heavens.
  • Navara is not a human creation but it is the eternal path for Liberation which exists forever in the Highest Heaven where God Himself lives.
  • Navara means Perfect, Absolute and refers only to the specific perfect nature of God Himself, not at all to that perfection commonly understood by humans, nor to something created or belonging to humans or other imperfect conditions. Navara means also “I am that I am, the Perfect Being”.
  • Being the name of the Perfection of God, the name Navara is used with many meanings: it is the Name of God, the name of the Divine Family of God, the name of the Divine Life in God, the name of the Supreme Spiritual Realization, the name of the Kingdom of God, the name of the Path towards God, the name of the Teacher (Guru) that comes from God to teach Navara, the name of the School that teaches Navara.
  • God, in His infinite love, wants to help His children to liberate themselves from sins and from worldly temptations, to protect them from evil, to help them to become again holy, true saints, to live a holy life, to be devoted to God, to love their fellows as they love themselves, to know who they truly are in the Holy Spirit, to save them from suffering, from the Final Judgement, from hell, to bring them back Home in Heaven, in the Kingdom of God, where they can meet directly with God, to unite them with Him in His Divine Uncreated Clear Light. For this reason God Himself revealed Navara, which is taught in the Navara School, for the benefit of His children that want to live holy, to liberate themselves in Heaven, to unite with God.
  • The Divine Perfection is named Navara. It is uncreated, it is not a result of any human limitation.

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