Navara and Other Religions and Mystical Paths

  • When a meritorious spirit arrives in the highest Heaven, the spirit will discover that all spiritual paths and all religions on the Earth or in the Heavens are but imperfect copies of an unique eternal spiritual life, which is the absolute root of all other religions.
  • This most pure spiritual way to relate to God is the divine one and it is very different from all religions known on the Earth or even in the different intermediary heavens. It is the most perfect one, the perfection itself, and it is practiced only by the highest spirits that are living closest to God Himself In the highest Heaven. It is named Navara, meaning the Divine Perfection and it is the direct emanation from God Himself to make perfect and to divinize through It His closest children, the highest and most meritorious saints.
  • This Divine Emanation of the Perfection of God, His true Holy Spirit, reveals the true divine nature of God Himself, which is to be observed and practiced by His children in order to become again holy and perfect, in the image of God Himself. The image of God Himself is to be seen in His Divine emanation, His Holy Spirit. To practice this Perfection of God, to follow His divine perfect nature is to practice Navara, the Divine Perfection. This is only for those who sincerely want to regain themselves in the image of God, to become again holy and divine, to live with God and to unite with God. Nobody can unite with God until they again become holy like God Himself. But how can one become so holy? Is it possible? Yes? By the grace of God, we can live again in His holy and divine perfection, which is Navara, the modus vivendi of God Himself and of the most meritorious children of God, that are closest to Him in Heaven. This is the most holy Navara, the perfect way of relation with God, the Divine one Itself.
  • In this Divine Perfection of the Holy Spirit the children of God will naturally see the Pure Path of how to relate themselves to God in a holy way. This is named Navara by God Himself.
  • Because the Perfect Being of God Himself is named Navara, therefore also His perfect emanation towards His children (to make them perfect) is also named Navara. And what His children are to practice in order to reach God’s perfection is also Navara. 
  • Because Navara is God Himself, all the virtues come from Navara. Navara is God Himself, the Divine Life, the Divine Truth, the Divine Path and the Divine Realization.
  • Navara is the eternal archetype of any true religion and of any true spiritual or mystical path. Because it is the heavenly archetype, it exists forever in Heaven, uncreated, unchangeable, imperishable.

  • Navara is the correct, pure and direct approach of Heaven, of God.
  • Navara is not created now, nor did it appear now. It is beginningless, it is the Divine Life in God Himself.
  • The Navara School is NOT a sect of any religion.
  • Because it is a direct approach of the Divine Spirit, Navara is somehow a mystical school of the “yoga” type, but it is not restricted to Hindu yoga or any other known yoga. Instead, these earthly schools of yoga are inspired from the heavenly Navara.
  • Navara is not “another new form of yoga”, not one among the many. It is their divine uncreated root, as well as the root of any religion.
  • All other true spiritual paths in Heaven or on the Earth are only parts or copies of this pure archetype, the heavenly Navara, which is the Divine Perfect Nature of God Himself.
  • In Navara are included all the virtues to be found in any other religions or mystical paths, because all that is good comes from the Divine Navara.
  • All avatars (divine incarnations) come from Navara, because Navara is God Himself who is living in the Highest Realm of the Kingdom of God, also named Navara.
  • All the great saints that came on the Earth during history, from all religions, belong to the heavenly Navara and came from Navara. They had different specific missions on Earth, to found and sustain different religions or paths, but because all the true paths are rooted in Navara, all their saints are parts of the Divine Family Navara.
  • In the Kingdom of God, Navara, there are many spiritual regions, each religion having often a specific area for its devotees where they live together in Heaven. The best saints from each religion are selected and admited to higher heavenly realms, the highest realm being that specific to pure Navara.
  • the Navara School offers respect and appreciation to any religion or spiritual path that promotes the worship of God, the holy life, the love, the morality and the other spiritual virtues.
  • Navara sustains all religions that are serving and worshiping God, that are teaching the good, love and holiness.
  • Navara offers spiritual consideration to all religious holy founders (like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tse, Nanak, etc.) and to all the saints from all religions.
  • Special consideration and devotion is offered to the following main avatars (divine incarnations): Lord Krishna (considered an incarnation of the Heavenly Father), Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Navara is rising glory in heaven and on the earth to The Heavenly Father manifested through Lord Krishna, who taught Yoga to humankind, as exposed in Bhagavad Gita and other Scriptures. His teachings are considered a must to be studied in Navara School. The devote who wants to be accepted as a Navara disciple must accept also Lord Krishna as a manifestation of God and to receive Initiation (Diksha) in Yoga. The holy teachers in Navara are also ordained as Yoga teachers (acharyas). 


Navara is paying homage to Lord Buddha (Siddharta Gautama) who came on the Earth to reveal the way to achieve Liberation in Nirvana, by teaching detachment and compassion. His teaching is considered by Navara to be of fundamental importance. The Navara disciple are asked to receive the Buddhist Refuge (Initiation) as a basic condition to be accepted as a Navara disciple. The holy teachers in Navara are also ordained as Buddhist priests (lama, rinpoche). 


Navara is asking prostration to Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God, who is considered the true Savior, Lord and Master in Navara School. If someone wants to become a Navara disciple, he is asking, as a basic condition, to receive the Christian baptism, chrismation, absolution of sins and the Holy Communion. Therefore Lord Jesus Christ is also Lord in Navara. The holy teachers in Navara are also ordained as Christian clergy (deacons, priests, bishops).

  • For Navara, all the saints of all religions are parts of the same large heavenly Divine Family.
  • But Navara comes to offer the pure original teaching from Heaven, teaching that at this moment it is not to be found today in the correct and complete form on Earth. Because of the basic lack of their teaching, the actual religions are often far from the original teaching that was revealed by their founders: the Jewish followers today don’t know the true esoteric significance of what Moses taught in the Torah; the Christians don’t have the original and complete teaching of Lord Jesus Christ, especially they don’t have anymore the mystical teaching, which was the true and main teaching of Lord Jesus; the actual yoga schools don’t have the correct knowledge about the subtle body (chakras, nadis, pranas) or even about mantras; the present Buddhism deeply lacks in their teachings what came from the past; etc. If a single current path would be correct and complete, God would not give Navara; But because they are decayed, Navara is necessary.
  • Navara is the very pure, most sacred and genuine mystical path, descending directly from the very essence of God, Navara.
  • Navara is open to each sincere devotee, from any religion, who is searching for a holy life, for the direct experience of Heaven, for Enlightenment and Liberation, For God and for serving God, for a pure holy love for every spirit.  
  • When a devotee from a definite religion is entering Navara, he is not asked to leave his religion. He may practice both Navara and his own religion. But if somebody wants to leave his previous religion and to further follow only Navara, that is up to his own decision. 


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