Navara Yoga in Bucuresti (Bucharest)

Navara Yoga Centerin Bucuresti (Bucharest) is a part of Navara School.


Our center is open for those devotes of God who are sincerely searching for a holy life, Enlightenment and Liberation. This is for those spirits without religious dogmatical prejudicies and without religious fundamentalist fanaticism. It is for those devotees able to search for and to have a direct mystical experience of God.

The true devotes of God interested to learn the superior mystic of the heavenly Navara or to learn authentical Yoga (Classical, Kundalini, Kriya Yoga), Tantra (Right and Left), Buddhism (Tibetan, Zen, Vipassana, Pure Land) or mystical Christianity (Hesychasm, etc.) are invited to join our initiate classes.

Our classes are designated for building a strong spiritual foundation by simultaneously introducing and training theoretically and practically in all important religions and mystical lineages, for generating a mature disciple, able later and further to understand and practice the highest path of Navara, which is the purest form of the spiritual life in Heaven. Therefore you will sistematically learn all important mystical traditions existing until now, and gradually you will learn the highest and heavenly teaching of Navara. The door of Navara School is open for all sincerely devotee of God which are prepared in themselves for learning how to directly meet in God in Heaven and to unite with Him in the Increated Spirit.

Here you can learn the following:




1. Shanita Navara – this is a 1 year Preliminary Course to enter Navara School.

This course is open weekly for beginners on Navara Path.

2. Nita (or Navanita) Navara – this is the Basic Level complete course in Navara.

It is open weekly to Navara School members, in nine levels.



1. Integral Classical Yoga  – this is a fundamental course including Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga (the basic form of Yoga taught by Patanjali in Yoga Sutras), Raja Yoga (Meditation), Bhakti Yoga (Devotion), Jnana Yoga (Spiritual Knowledge), Karma Yoga (Divine Service), Mantra Yoga (Sacred Words).

2. Hatha Yoga – this course is open weekly for students of all levels (beginners, medium and advanced) who wants to regain a good health, self control and relaxation, through asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing), mudras (body symbols), bandhas (muscle contraction), shat-kriyas (purification), etc.

3. Kundalini Yoga in Bucuresti (Bucharest) – this advanced initiate course is open for advanced students who want to control Kundalini Shakti (the inner spiritual energy of the subtle body), pranas (energies), nadis (energy channels) and chakras (energy centers). We are teaching Kundalini Yoga of the best Kundalini Yoga traditions from India and Himalayas (Shankara, Abhinavagupta, Tamil Siddha Yoga, Swami Sivananda, Swami Gitananda, Mahavatar Babaji and Yogananda, Swami Rama of Himalayas, etc).

4. Kriya Yoga in Bucuresti (Bucharest). Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji and Paramahansa Yogananda is a special form of yoga to control the energy and mind. This advanced course will comprise the original Kriya Yoga as taught in different lineages of Kriya Yoga (the direct lineage from Mahavatar Babaji, the lineage of Tinkori Lahiri, the lineage of Yogananda, etc. First are taught The Preliminary Practices of Kriya Yoga. Then the basic Kriyas (all the four Kriyas taught by Lahiri Mahasaya and the next superior Kriyas for advanced students) are taught according to the practice of the students.

5. Yoga of the best different traditions – we are transmitting the yoga of the best traditions: Jnana Yoga from Advaita Vedanta lineage of Shankara, Bhakti Yoga of Vishisht Advaita Vedanta of Ramanuja, Bhakti Yoga of Dvaita Vedanta of Madha and Chaitanya, Integral Yoga of Swami Sivananda, Siddha Yoga of Ramlal Prabhuji, Surat Shabd Yoga of Guru Nanak, Kriya Yoga of Mahavatar Babaji and Yogananda, Vidya Yoga of Swami Rama of Himalayas, etc.



1. Dakshina Tantra (Right Hand Tantra) – this is an advanced ascetical yoga to control the mind and energy through the superior secret techniques. The study and the control of the energies (prana), energy channels (nadis), energy centers (chakras) and of Kundalini Shakti is included.

2. Vama Tantra (Left Hand Tantra) – this is an advanced non-ascetical yoga to control the energy and the body, to control and elevate the reproduction energy during the couple life, to obtain detachment by controlling the senses not by avoiding them.

3. Kaula Tantra (Superior Tantra) of Kashmir Shaivism – this is an advanced form of Tantra, including elements both from Dakshina Tantra and from Vama Tantra as taught in Kaula Tantra School of Shaivism Kashmir in the lineage of Abhinavagupta.



   You can learn the integral Buddhism (Budism) in Bucuresti or in Romania in our main centers of Navara School. Learn the most important teachings of Lord Buddha, from all Buddhist main lineages:

1. Refuge – Initiation of Entering the Buddhism Path

2. Theravada Buddhism – Initiation in Shamata and Vipassana

3. Pure Land of Mahayana Buddhism.

4. Zen of Mahaya Buddhism. Learn Zen in Bucuresti in Navara Center.

5. Ngondro (Preliminary) of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism  (including Vajrasattva, Mandala Offering, Guru Yoga, etc.)

6. Initiation in Vajrayana Buddhist deities (Cenrezi, Tara, Manjushri, Medicine Buddha, etc.) and the Practice of Outer TantrasKriya Yoga, Carya Yoga and Tantra Yoga

7.  Anutara Tantra (The Innermost Tantra) of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism containing Maha Yoga (Father Tantra), Anu Yoga (Mother Tantra) and Ati Yoga (Nondual Tantra). At this level you can learn the most important teachings like: Six Yogas of Naropa (Tummo, Illusory Body, Dream Yoga, Clear Light, Pho-wa, Bardo), Mahamudra (Great Seal), Dzogchen (Great Perfection), etc. Learn integral Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism in Bucuresti in Navara Center.



Navara Church is an independent church that is teaching the pure Christianity without rigid dogmas or rituals, without fundamentalism or fanaticism. It containes the original teachings of Lord Jesus and also all the correct teachings added by the saints of Christianity during the centuries. However the accent is on the mystical Christianity.

Navara Church is offering in Bucuresti (Bucharest):

   1. Christian religious practices – The Navara Christian prayers, sacraments (Baptism, Confession, Holy Communion, etc.), initiate study of Bible and other scriptures, charity, etc.

2. Christian mystical initiation and practices – the study and practice of Christian initiate mystics as taught in Navara Church and in all Christian traditions (hesychasm, Christian adoration, etc.).



The usually weekly classes at Navara Yoga Center in Bucuresti (Bucharest) are conducted by Sadhana, Navara Associate Instructor (the Chief in charge of the Center) and by other Navara Teachers.



Different advanced or specialized courses are taught by Teachers (Acharyas) or Instructors, including visiting teachers from other Navara centers, like The Main Navara Yoga Center of Timisoara.



For more information on Navara classes with the Navara group in Bucuresti (Bucharest) please contact: